We are proud to have established a reputation for honesty, integrity, commitment and strong relationships amongst our national client base and the local community. Our community focus extends to the involvement by many of our staff members in local sporting clubs; supporting various local charities and businesses, and participating in community events. One of our core values reflects the importance our firm places on “balancing work, community and our families”. Therefore, smsf specialist adviser gold coast with a committed and balanced team we can confidently offer our clients balance in your lives by offering a complete, hassle free, friendly service.

Self-managed superannuation is a growing sector and many firms prefer to manage these important investments by themselves. The big advantage of self-managed superannuation is greater control, but the additional workload can be overwhelming. To assist you in handling all these complex issues, our self-managed superannuation division provides all the accounting, taxation & auditing services for your Self Managed Superannuation Fund. Our specialists make sure your fund complies with all super and tax law regulations.

A SMSF can give you more control over your Superannuation money. You will need to discuss with your financial planner if now is the right time for a SMSF for you. We are cost effective smsf specialist adviser gold coast; providing accounting, taxation and audit services for your SMSF. Accountants provide accounting services for a number of SMSF clients, so that you are able to benefit from the efficiencies of scale.

SMSF Specialist Adviser Gold Coast

Superannuation is an effective tax planning and wealth creation strategy. Yes, the government likes to change the rules for super with the weather; however superannuation remains one of the most tax effective wealth creation strategies. Due to the complexity of the rules you will need to take time to understand the requirements and make sure you comply with the requirements.

The quality of your investments is the answer. Anyone who will invest in good quality investments with a well thought-out and consistent investment strategy will definitely be better off than those who choose their investments without a proper strategy or consideration. However, this theory has a major flaw. A SMSF is nothing like an industry or retail superannuation fund.

A SMSF gives you total control and freedom of choice regarding your investments, offers flexibility and you are able to utilise advanced wealth building strategies that are simply not available to the average industry or retail super fund member. The benefit of discussing smsf specialist adviser gold coast is that we are independent of financial advisers and are able to advise our clients on the most tax effective strategy for their circumstances.

Self managed super funds (SMSF) and superannuation funds are the best option if you want to set up finance for your retirement. These are regulated and controlled by the Taxation office. The government has brought out a legislation that every worker will have to contribute at SMSF as it will be their own saving for the rest of their life. Unlike other funds, it lets the contributor to be a trustee. As a trustee, you have control over the investment of the contributions. However, there are some hurdles that you should take seriously. These include SMSF audit, releasing money quickly without legal proceedings, no returns, and not sticking to the in home regulations.

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